Drive safely and let the Drive Safe App reward you. Drive Safe helps you to become even better on the road and, what is more, it rewards your driving performance!


Install Drive Safe on your smart-phone, drive safely and enter the Get Gifts & Go competition: between December 3 - 31, the 50 drivers with the highest driving score will be rewarded with fuel at Petrolina, Agip or Eni service stations:

• 1st driver: Fuel worth € 200.

• 2nd driver: Fuel worth € 150.

• 3rd driver: Fuel worth € 100.

• 4th – 50th driver: Fuel worth € 25.

Drive Safe is available free to all (you don’t have to be insured with GIC to use it).



General Insurance of Cyprus Ltd (hereinafter referred to as «GIC») is running a Competition (hereinafter referred to as «theCompetition») for users of the Drive Safe Application, commencing and ending as per the Dates/Times defined herein in Section 4, with the aim of rewarding safe driving behaviour in accordance with the rules of the Drive Safe Application, and the recognition and reward of those users achieving the best driving behaviour.

The Competition Terms and Prizes are described below:

1. The purpose of the Competition is to determine the safest drivers during the Competition period, in accordance with their performance via the Drive Safe Application, in order to win the Prizes referred to in Section 4.

2. All users of the Drive Safe Application are eligible to participate.

3. How to enter

Every user of the Drive Safe Application who wishes to participate in the Competition must accept the Competition Terms of Participation (“Terms”), via a special section in the Drive Safe Application and activate their entry.

4. Winners’ selection procedure - prizes

4.1 Competition Participants can get information about their performance and rating based on their driving behaviour, via a special section in the Drive Safe Application, and following Completion of the Processing of Competition Data, find out their final ranking via the Application.

The ranking of Participants and the Competition Winners respectively are decided on the basis of Competition Points as calculated by the Drive Safe Application.

To calculate Competition Points, trips made between the Competition Start Date/Time and the Competition End Date/Time and processed before the Date/Time of Completion of Processing of the Competition Data as defined below, will be taken into consideration.

Start Date/Time of the Competition: Monday 3/12/2018, 18:00

End Date/Time of the Competition: Monday 31/12/2018, 18:00

Date/Timeof CompletionofProcessingof the CompetitionData: Wednesday 2/1/2019, 23:00

Competition Points are calculated as the sum of the Points collected by the Participant for each trip that has a start date/time between the Start Date/Time of the Competition and the End Date/Time of the Competition. The Points for each Trip are defined as the product of the distance travelled (for trips of over 50 kilometers, only 50 kilometers will be considered) multiplied by the Driving Behaviour Factor for that specific Trip. The Driving Behaviour Factor depends on the Trip Score and the Scores of the individual categories and may have the following values:

1) Trip Score (Speeding, Mobile Use, Braking, and Acceleration) ≤ 40: Driving Behaviour Factor = 0.00

2) Trip Score 41 - 60: Driving Behaviour Factor = 0.50

3) Trip score 61 - 75: Driving Behaviour Factor = 1.00

4) Trip Score 76 - 90: Driving Behaviour Factor = 1.50

5) Trip Score 91 - 100: Driving Behaviour Factor = 2.00

In order to be included in the Competition ranking, Participants must have at least one Trip between the Competition Start Date/Time and Competition End Date/Time and collect at least one point in the Competition.

The criteria for the ranking of the Participants in the Competition are as follows:

Criterion 1: Competition Points. The Participant with more collected Points in the Competition will be ranked higher.

Criterion 2: Total Trip distance during the Competition. In case that two or more Participants have collected the same Points in the Competition, i.e. they are tied according to Criterion 1, the Participant with the lower total Trip distance during the Competition will be ranked higher.

Criterion 3: Date/Time of Registration for the Competition. In case that two or more Participants have collected the same Points in the Competition and they have the same total Trip distance during the Competition, i.e. they are tied according to Criteria 1 and 2, the Participant who registered earlier to the Competition will be ranked higher.

4.2 There will be 50 Winners and 20 Runners-Up in the Competition.

4.3 The Winners and the Runners-Up will be notified by GIC via the E-mail address used when registering to the Drive Safe Application. GIC will specify how Prizes will be delivered during their communications with the Winners.

4.4 In the event that one of the Winners either refuses the Prize or she/he is excluded from the Competition due to non-acceptance of its Terms of Participation, or she/he is found that her/his participation is void or that the conditions for participation in the Competition are not met or if it is impossible for GIC to contact the Winner within three (3) days after the announcement of the Winners, her/his place will be taken by the first Runner-Up and where the above conditions also apply to that person, the second Runner-Up, and so on.

4.5 The Prizes are personal, they cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash and are as follows:

  • 1st Prize-winner: € 200 of fuel from Petrolina, Agip or Eni.
  • 2nd Prize-winner: € 150 of fuel from Petrolina, Agip or Eni.
  • 3rd Prize-winner: € 100 of fuel from Petrolina, Agip or Eni.
  • 4th to fiftieth (50th) Prize-winners: € 25 of fuel from Petrolina, Agip or Eni.

5. Use of Personal Data

The processing and protection of the personal data of Participants in the current GIC Competition is subject to these Terms, as well as the relevant provisions of the applicable regulatory and legislative framework for the protection of individuals in the processing of personal data.

6. Participation in the Competition requires that the Winners agree and consent to the processing of their personal data (which they have already provided at their registration to the Drive Safe Application, to GIC) in order that GIC can communicate with them to:

(a) arrange for the delivery of their Prize and

(b) enter their names on the list of Winners which will be posted on the official website of GIC and/or in press releases or in print or electronic format.

Should you not wish your personal data to be processed as above, we suggest you do not take part in the Competition.

7. These Terms of Participation will be available and always up-to-date throughout the Competition, via a link in a specific section of the Drive Safe Application relating to this Competition.

8. GIC reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Terms of this Competition and its duration, if deemed necessary, and does not assume any responsibility related to any modification. GIC also reserves the right to cancel this Competition for any reason. In such an event, Competition Participants do not acquire any right to compensation or have any other claim against GIC. Please note that any modifications to the Terms will be available through a link in a special section of the Drive Safe Application relating to this particular Competition, and by posting and publishing them they will be binding for all Participants.

9. It is understood that participation in the Contest requires and implies unconditional acceptance of the entire Terms of this Competition by the Participant.

10. The Competition and its Terms are governed, interpreted and supplemented by Cyprus Legislation. Any dispute arising from the Competition between GIC and Participants in the Competition will be resolved by the courts of the Republic of Cyprus, after the parties having previously made efforts to resolve them amicably and in good faith.

11. For further details, clarifications or queries, Participants can contact GIC at or on 8000.87.87.

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