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If you have a loss, damage or an unfortunate incident covered by your Policy, you must inform us by filling out a Claim Form and submitting it in one of the following ways, depending on your district:

Alternatively, you could mail or deliver it at any of our branches.

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For other Claim Forms, please E-mail us at

When we receive your Claim, we will process it within a reasonable time. Our goal is to quickly and fairly settle it, based on the terms of your Policy.

General Insurance of Cyprus, according to an independent survey conducted annually by RAI for Stockwatch, has been consistently recognized as the most reliable insurance company in Cyprus. This is particularly important, especially when an unfortunate event or damage affects you or your property.

General Insurance of Cyprus is the choice for you.

  1. Comprehensive Plans.
  2. Reliable Insurance.
  3. Fast Service.

All General Insurance of Cyprus vehicle policies provide a free 24-hour service for whatever happens to you on the road via Motor Assistance which provides immediate assistance for any mechanical fault or in the event of a road traffic accident.

General Insurance of Cyprus is the choice for you.


Comprehensive Plans

You can choose between many insurance options.


Reliable Insurance

For 4 years now we’ve been the number one preferred choice for people taking out insurance.


Fast Service

Following damages, we handle Claims directly and effectively.

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