Genikes Mobile

The “Genikes Mobile” app locates you wherever you are.

Through the re-designed app, "Genikes Mobile",the roadside assistance is dispatched at the touch of a button. 

Recognizing the anxiety that accidents or car-failure may cause, General Insurance of Cyprus simplifies the process, offering a sense of security to drivers. Using GPS tracking, “Genikes Mobile” locates exactly where your vehicle is located. So, in case of an accident or need for roadside assistance, “Genikes Mobile” will track you through GPS and the roadside assistance service will reach you wherever you are. In case of an accident or need for roadside assistance, just press "Accident Care" or "Road Assistance" and we will find you wherever you are. 

Also, "Genikes Mobile" provides useful/emergency telephone numbers, information on GIC products and services, and GIC and Bank of Cyprus branch/ATM locations.

"Genikes Mobile",is available through the App Store and Google Play, free for all iPhone and Android smartphones. The Roadside Assistance service is provided only to vehicles insured with General Insurance of Cyprus.


To download "Genikes Mobile":

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