About us


The General Insurance of Cyprus was established in 1951 by the Bank of Cyprus. Until then, the only insurance organisations in Cyprus were agencies of foreign insurance companies.

Since its establishment, the General Insurance of Cyprus has played a leading role in the development of the insurance industry and of insurance consciousness and has distinguished itself as one of the biggest and most reliable insurance companies of the island.


The General Insurance of Cyprus continuously improves the traditional insurance schemes, while at the same time develops new, inovative and flexible covers which satisfy the modern needs of every individual and every businessman. It also maintains over time, a high level of client service at the time of sale as well as in claims handling.


Responding to the increasing demands of the customer for direct service, the Company, by utilising the possibilities offered by modern technology, has first introduced the possibility of home insurance, motor insurance, personal accident insurance and domestic staff over the telephone.

The clients of the General Insurance of Cyprus may call 8000 87.87. free of charge, to be insured without bureaucratic procedures, with the help of specially trained personnel.


The General Insurance of Cyprus leads the development of bancassurance by designing and promoting the appropriate insurance products.

By promoting simple insurance products which satisfy basic insurance needs, at a particularly low cost for the insured, the Company reduces the time it takes to insure to the minimum, making full utilisation of the branch network of the Bank of Cyprus.

Also, by the creation of its own internal sales network and by continuously investing in the training of its Sales Officers, the Company succeeds in meeting consumers' needs with a high level and quality of service, at low cost.


  • Member of the Bank of Cyprus Group
  • More than 60 years of experience in the insurance industry
  • Credibility, reliability, responsibility, professionalism
  • Fast settlement of claims
  • Modern outlook
  • New products, modern promotion methods
  • Technologically advanced
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